I am passionate about building two things: scalable modern architectures and highly performant engineers.

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Slalom Build - Solution Architect

April 2018 - Present

I joined Slalom as a senior engineer excited to cut my teeth in consulting. I quickly developed a reputation for my technical prowess. That reputation led to me being staffed on a multitude of clients and allowed me to explore many technologies.

As an architect I design and implement modern web solutions while mentoring and coaching engineers. I have led small and large teams, most with client engineers, while managing feature intake for critical and ad hoc business features. I am actively involved at the program level of my engagements, and have been described as “giving a masterclass in having a tough conversation with clients”. I take great pride in creating passionate teams and cultures. I love mentoring and giving people the tools and situations to succeed. Through thorough problem solving and detail oriented planning I’ve helped create a safe space for early career solution owners to feel confident and empowered.

I founded and built the Byte Sized Projects cohort to give engineers the ability to learn new technologies in a safe place that is not as time consuming as a client project.

I have been awarded the following awards at Slalom.

Convercent - Software Engineer

May 2014 - February 2018

I joined Convercent as an intern helping with day to day tasks such as getting new hire laptops setup. I quickly transitioned into a role as a QE, working with engineers to test and validate their feature work. I fell in love with engineering and started toying with .NET on side projects to learn the stack. I transitioned from my role as a QE into an engineering position. As an engineer I led several feature teams. I quickly worked my way up to the senior most engineer on my project before my leaving.

Outside of work

Outside of my work life, I am a search and rescue volunteer with Alpine Rescue Team. Alpine Rescue Team is made up of professional volunteers who respond to backcountry emergencies in the front range of Colorado. The team is a fully accredited member of the Mountain Rescue Association and has been saving lives since 1959. In the search and rescue world I am also a public information officer for the Mountain Rescue Association.

I am also a member of the Colorado Mountain Club. I actively volunteer with the club and was an instructor for Alpine Climbing School in the Spring of 2021. The school teaches students skills to allow them to safely target many of Colorado’s premier alpine routes. Skills such as navigation, rock climbing, snow climbing and self rescue.

Personal Projects

Cat Facts

Serverless Go project utilizing Twilio to send a random cat fact to subscribers once a day.



JSON based templating CLI written in Go.



Markdown versions of presentations I give through work and elsewhere.



Multi-language lean microservice and modern web accelerator architectures.